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Live illustration is a perfect way to combine entertainment with custom-made gifting to your guests. Yuka can create an elegant and stylish fashion portrait at in-store events, corporate parties, press launches, brand activations, weddings and more. She loves capturing special moments on the spot and creating unique personalized artwork, and gives your guests a delightful experience! Yuka is currently based in Los Angeles and open to travel worldwide. Please get in touch below to discuss the possibilities.

お客様のポートレート(似顔絵)をイベントなどで描かせていただきます。ファッションスタイル画、背景、お名前入りなど、イベントに合わせてお客さまに喜んで頂けるイラストレーションをお描き致します。対面 / オンラインなど応相談できますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

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For live events in the US and other contries except Japan, please contact my agency below.



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